Pastor Rupert Johnson was born on the island of Jamaica in 1968 and migrated to the United States in 1970 with his family. Pastor Johnson is a 3rd generation pastor. His grandmother was his father’s pastor, and his father was his. Now he has been blessed and given the assignment to continue the legacy in which his father and mother, a powerful woman of God, created.

Pastor Johnson at a young age of 8 was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and in 1982 during the Rehoboth Church of God in Christ, Apostolic Youth Congress was filled with the Holy Ghost. During his youth he would help with picking up saints for service or Sunday School and was the church’s first drummer.  After returning from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, he became the Youth President for Rehoboth Pentecostal Church. He later became Youth Director and continued to help his father’s ministry in any way that he was asked.

In March of 2003, the Lord saw it fit to take his mother, Mother Mae A. Johnson, home to Zion, and in August 2006, the Lord took his father, Bishop RSB Johnson. In December of the same year he was give the post as the new pastor of Rehoboth Pentecostal Church (Apostolic) and in August of 2007 was fully installed by the Board of Bishops of the United Churches of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) Inc., an organization in which RPC has been blessed to be a part of since 1989.

Pastor Johnson has served in various district and national capacities over the years. Such as, District Youth President and District Treasury for the 2nd Episcopal Diocese. He has worked as the National Youth Department Finance Director and Sergent at Arms, and National Brotherhood Public Relations Secretary. He currently serves as the International Men’s President for the United Churches of Jesus Christ (Apostolic).

Personally, Pastor Johnson is husband to the lovely Lady Vivienne Henry and has 4 children. He is proud of his accomplishments within the body of Christ but he believes none of these things really matter if he was not chasing after Christ daily!! He is humbled by the love of his family and the saints of the Rehoboth Pentecostal Church and friends. He asks that you continue to keep him in your prayers as he presses toward the mark of the high calling in Jesus Christ