In June 1969, Mother Mae Johnson, then Evangelist Mae Johnson immigrated to U.S.A.; she was sponsored by Bishop and First Lady Williams from Paterson, NJ.  Evangelist Mae Johnson lived with Bishop and First Lady Williams until August of 1969.

In late 1969 a long time friend from Jamaica, Evangelist Jocelyn Cole reacquainted herself with Evangelist Mae Johnson. Evangelist Johnson shared with Evangelist Cole that her husband would be immigrating to the United States with their two small children in the coming year and that Bishop Randolph Carr, Presiding Bishop Rehoboth Pentecostal Churches, desired for her husband to start a work in Neptune, New Jersey.

In September 1970, Then Overseer Rupert Johnson Sr. immigrated to the United States with their two young children,(Debra 4 years old, Rupert Jr. almost 2 years old) their older children Rudolph and Maisie remained on the Island.

Shortly after immigrating to the U.S., Overseer Johnson was anointed Bishop by Bishop Carr.  Bishop Johnson was later called to meet with Bishop Carr to discuss establishing the church in Neptune. On the day of this appointment, Bishop Carr died.  Bishop Johnson later met with the new Presiding Bishop, Bishop William Barnes. By this time Evangelist Cole had convinced the Johnson’s of the benefits of beginning a work in Trenton, New Jersey, Bishop Barnes agreed.

So in1971 – Rehoboth Pentecostal Church had their first service at Tioga Street in the home of Evangelist and Deacon (then Sis. and  Bro.) Samuels.  The Samuels had worshipped with the Coles at Burke Road, Mother Bailey’s Assembly.  Later that year the church moved to a small store front on Monmouth Street..

In 1972 Rehoboth purchased a home on Princeton Avenue that with the help of all the members in the church, transformed into a church. The very benches were lovingly handcrafted by Deacons Cole, Samuels and Doyley.

From 1972 – 1979 several young families joined the assembly at Princeton Avenue, allowing the Church in 1979 to purchase an old Pharmacy, soda shop and apartment on Stuyvesant Ave.  Stuyvesant was converted into a comfortable assembly for the growing congregation.

As the Lord continued to bless, in 1982 the assembly by faith and with the assistance of Presiding Bishop William Barnes was able to purchase the Church were we currently worship on East State Street.  The Church was blessed with frequent visitors from those who continued to support the Assembly. In 2006,

Rehoboth suffered a major lost when their beloved pastor, Bishop Rupert Johnson Sr. left to be with the Lord, but in the midst of great devastation, the Lord provided a leader in Bishop Johnson’s last child, Rupert Johnson Jr. Elder Rupert Johnson was ordained pastor of Rehoboth Pentecostal Church in August 2007. Since then, led by the hand of God, Elder Johnson works diligently with the people of God to continue the work that was started here in the city of Trenton.